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For your convenience here are the 20 most recent meetings.
Meeting Date Organization
Meeting Date: 8/12/20 Committee: Ausschuss für Soziales und OrdnungSoziales und Ordnung Number: 16/33
Public Invitation - (pdf 90Kb)
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Meeting Documents Soziales und Ordnung 16/33 - 08/12/20 (public) - (pdf 526Kb)

Details for meeting 16/33
Meeting Date: 8/18/20 Committee: Haupt- und FinanzausschussHF Number: 16/26
Public Invitation - (pdf 63Kb)
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Meeting Documents HF 16/26 - 08/18/20 (public) - (pdf 994Kb)

Details for meeting 16/26
Meeting Date: 8/20/20 Committee: SchulausschussSC Number: 16/28
Public Invitation - (pdf 59Kb)
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Meeting Documents SC 16/28 - 08/20/20 (public) - (pdf 9Mb)

Details for meeting 16/28
Meeting Date: 8/20/20 Committee: Planungs- und UmweltausschussPU Number: 16/39
Meeting Date: 8/27/20 Committee: Bau- und VerkehrsausschussBVK Number: 16/34
Meeting Date: 9/1/20 Committee: RatRat Number: 16/26
Meeting Date: 12/2/20 Committee: IntegrationsratIR Number:

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